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What are the BreathWork Techniques ?


Oxygen Advantage

The OA is a series of unique breathing exercises for optimum health and sports performance. The exercises focus on two pillars: functional breathing and simulation of high altitude training. 

If you are a pre-athlete, a pro athlete, a weekend warrior, a yoga teacher, physiotherapist, osteopath, physical or mental health professional, in mainstream or alternative practice, a coach, public speaker, performer, self improvement enthusiast, or struggle with less than optimum health on a daily basis… this science-backed breathing method is for you.

Using minimal and low executive techniques can create a massive change within the body and your life.

Pranayama BreathWork

Pranayama is regarded as a science. It’s believed that you can control the power of your mind through regulating your breath.

The word pranayama comes from two separate words: prana and ayama. Prana translates to breath, while ayama has many different meanings including expansion, length, and rising.

Pranayama is fantastic for focusing the mind, recovery after a hard workout or session but also help with a busy mind when going to sleep at night.

Combining Pranayama with the Oxygen Advantage has an unbelievable positve effect on the body and the mind.

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