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Adam Lison is a former Royal Marine Commando Sargent, after serving 22 years service, 4 operational tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and over 20 years of high performance personal coaching within the surfing, Brazilian Jiujitsu and physical training space.

Adam's  journey into the wellness industry started after taking up breathwork as a tool to help him improve his performance in high level sport, calmness in high stress positions which you find in Brazilian Jiujitsu and day to day life but also improve headspace, physical health and wellbeing.. 

It wasn’t long until Adam felt the positive benefits of breathwork and utilising techniques from ancient pranayama breathwork and the science based sports performance techniques from the Oxygen Advantage made it his mission to share the fantastic benefits of breathwork and help people improve their lives. 

To find out more, and talk about working together please get in touch.

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